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Storms of Life: How To Deal With Problems, Challenges, and Pain in Life.

Updated: Feb 7

Storms of Life

The Storm, do I ride it or drown in it?

We have a choice to ride our storms or allow them to overcome us and drown us.

storms of life

Storms in our lives can be either external, internal, or both. The storm can be your insecurities, words of hate being spoken, jealousy, and the competitive surroundings you are in.

The storm could be depression, lack of confidence, anxiety, or fear. It could be your addictions, loss hope, and the feeling of no longer fighting.

The storm is anything that brings problems, difficulty, challenges, and pain in your life. But when you trust God and not let any of the storms in your life cause you to panic, you will overcome, progress, and keep moving forward while you are in the middle of your storm.

When Peter kept his focus on God, he was making progress despite the storm he was in the middle of (Matthew 14:29). So is the case when you trust God and do not let your lack of finance, skills, inabilities, insecurities, doubts, fears, past experiences, home life, past life, your environment, your pain, who loves you and who does not cause you to lose focus—you too will do the impossible. You will succeed even though you are in the middle of a storm.

The world is full of problems and the Scriptures assure us of this. It says, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” —John 16:33.

When Peter saw the storm and took his eyes off Jesus, it was then he started to sink, because he focused on the problem, what was around him, and started to go down (Matthew 14:40).

When you focus on the problems in your life, it becomes all you can see. You will not be able to see the door of escape since you are trapped believing there is no way out.

Problems are a byproduct of the world we live in, but if you give it power, then it will rule over your life. Problems will come, but what we do when they come is what matters.

The storms in our lives are not stronger than the Word of God. Even in the middle of the storm God’s Word proves more powerful. It allowed Peter to walk through his storm towards his goal, and the Word will allow you to walk towards your destiny, towards your purpose, and towards your life calling.

The Word "come" is what God is telling us to do. Come out of your situation, come out of your hurt, come out of your depression, come out of your low perception of yourself, and come out of allowing the tough times in your life to stop you from moving forward.

Come out of focusing on what you do not have and start seeing what you do have. Come out of comparing your life to others, not realizing that your life journey is part of your life plan.

In Peter's experience the situation did not get better, what happen was God showed up. God came on the scene even while the storm or problem was happening and demonstrated to Peter that His grace, love, and power is not subject to any storms in our life. All that is needed is to focus on the Word and have faith (Matthew 14:31).

God came in the wind to prove that He is greater than your problems. Your problems do not have to be gone to know that God is with you. Right in the middle of the storm He is there. He has always been there because He promises to never leave you or abandon you (Deuteronomy 31:8).

You may not be able to see it or feel it, but your emotions have no impact on God's Word. His Word is yes and amen—they will happen (2 Corinthians 1:20, Proverbs 5).

Peter did not sink because he was oblivious to the storm or problem, he sank because when he saw the problem, he became afraid.

When you start to let the challenges and problems in your life cause you to fear, then you will start to sink too.

Problems are real but they do not have to dictate the course of your life. Instead, learn from them, build from them, but do not let them stop you.

How many dreams have you stopped pursuing due to lack of finance? What business venture did you stop chasing because someone told you it was impossible to do? What love relationship did you give up on because of past hurt?

Do not allow negative experiences to take authority over your life. We must start believing in something deeper than what our eyes can see, and the Word will help you do just that. The more Word you build your life’s foundation on, the more you will become unstoppable.

Do not wait until you see it or feel it, because your waiting may be in vain. You will miss successes, achievements, happiness, joy, peace, and much more if you wait.

Therefore, walk in faith and go forth on the Word of God and stand firm on His promises.

If God says you will survive the storm, then you will survive. Not only will you survive, but you will get through it.

So, focus on what the Word says, and when the storm in your life comes you will have peace right in the middle of it.

Do you want peace in your storms? All you must do is make the choice of salvation and accept Jesus into your life by confessing that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that He came from Heaven to die for your sins—Romans 10:9.

When you accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, you will be able to remain calm during turbulent times. Like Jesus during the storm, you will relax and be at peace while others are anxious and in fear. It is because you will have faith knowing God has already dealt with the situation for you (John 16:33).

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