My Love is Unconditional

One of the most important thing in life is to have good character because it can shape the outcome of your life. All that's required is to be opened to God's unconditional love which is powerful enough to help change your disposition. 


This book offers life lessons demonstrating the types of qualities you must have if you want your life to be impactful, influential, and successful; and shares the downside of having negative character traits. 


God’s unconditional love is the motivation behind his passion in seeing you develop character so your life can have an impact.

My Love is Unconditional

It's OK to Be Single: Use the Time to Find Your Life's Purpose

Being single is the perfect time to reassess who you are and to do all the things that fulfil you while preparing you for the next phases of your life. 

There are opportunities in every moment in our life but we must take advantage of them. And each moment in our life can be a gift if we embrace it.

While you are in your season of singleness you can discover who you are, what your purpose in life is, and find your life’s journey to success.


There is a purpose to being single and the key is finding out what yours is.


Being single can be seen as a bad thing and may even cause you to be stigmatized; but it can be a gift if you understand its possibilities and what you can accomplish while in this season.

It's OK to Be Single

15 Steps To Self-Publish Your eBook Today: A 15 Step Guide on How to Self-Publish & Market Your eBook.

This book is a guide on how to self-publish your book, why you should self-publish, and how to market your book once it's published. This book will help you save time, money, and offer resources that you can use during your self-publishing journey.

What’s in this book

  • 15 step guide on how to get your eBook self-published

  • The benefits of doing it yourself

  • How to market your eBook

When I published my first book, I was disappointed with the publishing company I partnered up with and through the process I learned how to self-publish books and the benefits of doing it yourself. You do not have to stop there, you can publish print copies of your books, turn your books into audio, visual, merchandise, and more.

Start publishing your eBooks on Amazon and get your writing dreams started Today!

15 Steps to self-publish your book