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Are you dealing with major problems in life?

Updated: Feb 7

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Our stories are evidence of the power of God. We can argue with theology, but we cannot argue with someone's truth or story. Our testimonies are a resume and evidence of who God is and what He can do.

The Nehemiah’s Story

In the Bible, Nehemiah’s story is a story of opposition, threats, intimidation, and fear—sounds familiar?

Fear, intimidation, and persuasion are common strategies our enemy uses to try to stop us from having a better life, and unfortunately there're things people will do, to try to stop you from achieving things in life.

But because Nehemiah refused to succumb to the threats, intimidation, and fear but instead stood firm and trusted God, nothing they did to Nehemiah worked because his trust in God was impeccable.

Do you know how hard it is to not be afraid when you have people in authority, power, and public offices come against you as they are stirring up people to try to slow you down and stop you by spreading lies? And as they are trying to stop your success, they are trying to kill you as well.

Then they continue to lie on you causing people to think negatively about you while causing the people who are helping you to get scared because they do not want any trouble themselves (Nehemiah 6:6-9). Nehemiah definitely had a problem, and being in a predicament like his can be scary.

Nehemiah's only intention and motive was to be obedient and do what God had asked him to do. However, when they saw that he was not swayed by their many attempts to stop him, they conspire against him while trying to find ways to end his life. It was like the weight of the world was against Nehemiah.

Many of us have been in situations where we were not supported in doing something that would have bettered a situation, condition, community, nation, etc. And many of us have been in situations where people intentionally did things to stop us from succeeding. It has cause us to feel much pressure because of our great responsibility. However, many of us do not have Nehemiah’s great faith.

At times doing the right thing will cause people to be jealous, angry, and talk bad about you. In Nehemiah's case they even ask God to get involved to frustrate his plan, but they were so angry they were unaware that the plan was from God (Nehemiah 4:4).

Nehemiah’s faith in God helped him to not fall into the traps they setup (the traps of fear and intimidation) because his confidence in God was the key to his success (Nehemiah 6:10-13). Trusting God is important because it is your protection. It is what will take you through your problems to the finish line.

Making decisions that are not popular can cause so-called friends, supporters, and believers to revolt against you (Nehemiah 6:14). However, in Nehemiah’s case all it did was expose them for who they are, because anyone who gets angry to the point of violence against what God has ordained someone to do, that person was never for or has abandoned the things of God.

This story is further evidence on why reading the Bible builds your faith. When it resonates what God can do during the toughest times in your life and what He says will still happen, then your confidence in God will grow.

In the end, Nehemiah's project was completed and when all those people in authority and leaders who were against him heard about it, they were now the ones who became afraid and lost confidence because they realized that his work had been done with the help of God (Nehemiah 6:16-17).

With God you too are able to reach success. When we study King David in the Bible what you’ll notice is David did nothing without first consulting God. David didn't just know the law (what we today call the Bible) he had a personal intimate relationship with God which allowed David to know whatever God says will happen. David's confidence wasn't based on his own abilities, strength, or understanding, it was based on his trust in God.

Confidence in God is key to your success. Our past experiences have caused some of us to fear trusting anyone or anything but ourselves. This is why God wants you to know Him so you can see He is not like your past or people (Numbers 23:19). He is someone who you can rely on fully. He will never say or promise you something and it doesn't happen. His Word to you or what He says to you is more important to Him than His own reputation (Psalm 138:2).

Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you

Deuteronomy 3:16.

If you want people to know what God can do and be a testimony of who God is, then have faith! Whatever we are going through in our personal lives, if we learn to focus on what God said and cling to His Word and promises instead of the problem, then it will be the solution needed to get through and overcome any problems in your life.

Read the Nehemiah Story here

What's your story? What attempts have been made to stop you from accomplishing your endeavors? Leave your comments below.

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Heather Edmund
Heather Edmund
Jul 14, 2022

My hope is that you will see how powerful having Faith in God is and how faith will give you the lifestyle you've always dreamed of.

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