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Many people have been misunderstood for wanting to use their time of being single to build a life filled with meaning and purpose—a life aligned with what's most important to them. But each season in our life can be a gift if we embrace it. 

While you're single it's the perfect time to improve the quality of your life, learn more about yourself, and do all the things that fulfil you while preparing you for the next chapter of your life. 

Being single may cause you to be stigmatized, but it can be a blessing if you understand the possibilities and what you can accomplish. 

Central to the book is that all of us go through a season of being single, and like all the other seasons we experience, what you do in this one affects the outcome of the next.

There's a purpose to being single, and the key is finding out what yours is.

It's OK To Be Single: Singleness is not a failure, it's an opportunity

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"Worrying about what society says you should be doing or have by a certain age to be successful or happy, will destroy your peace of mind. Everyone is different and your pathway in life is also different."

Foreman, FL

"I believe that people don't look at the benefits of singleness, they allow society to dictate how they think...more folks need to hear this viewpoint so they don't feel so pressured to be in a relationship."
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