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It's OK to Be Single: Use the Time to Find Your Life's Purpose

There are so many things you could be doing while single, but why not use it to discover purpose? You will realize the most important moment in your life is when you find your purpose. And knowing your purpose in life and fulfilling that reason is the ultimate satisfaction.

While you are in your season of singleness you can discover who you are, what your purpose in life is, and find your life’s journey to success.


Singleness is not a failure, it's an opportunity to discover your life’s meaning uninterrupted.  

Knowing who you are is what's needed to be confident and ready for whatever situation life approaches you with. And each season in our life can be a gift if we embrace it.


Being single is the perfect time to reassess and to do all the things that fulfil you while preparing you for the next phases of your life. Also, you can improve the quality of your life and learn more about yourself during this time.

Being single can be seen as a bad thing and may even cause you to be stigmatized; but it can be a gift if you understand its possibilities and what you can accomplish. 


There is a purpose to being single and the key is finding out what yours is.


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We are created to live a life of influence 

But circumstances in our lives can hinder us; but by being open to God’s unconditional love—is the key to unlocking the limitations in your live.

- My Love is Unconditional

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“If you've read and enjoyed my book, please feel free to leave a review at your preferred store."

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