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How to find your OWN purpose in life while Single

Single Book

This book is about using your time of being single to find your life's purpose. There is a purpose to being single and the key is finding out what yours is.


Your season of being single is an opportunity to have your own story to tell. You can improve the quality of your life and learn more about who you are while in this season.


When you know who you are, you become someone who is confident, successful, bold, fearless, and ready for whatever situation life approaches you with.


Make this moment in your life count. Your start does not have to be your end. You can decide today, right now, to control your destiny.


You can live your happiest life by breaking away from expectations and being happy with who you are.


Knowing your purpose in life and fulfilling that reason is the ultimate satisfaction.

Singleness is not a failure, it's an opportunity.

We are all not meant to be single but while you're in this season do not waste it. This book is about all the wonderful things you will discover while you are in the season of singleness.


It will show you how being single can help you discover your identity, uncover why you were born, discover your pathway in life, how to protect your destiny, how not to hate the experiences that shaped you, and how relationships have a hand in your purpose driven life.  


Resist the urge to leave this season in your life prematurely before you accomplish the purpose for being in it. Instead spend this time becoming your best self so when you meet others, they will meet the best version of you.


After reading this book you will see why it's ok to be single 

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