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Dealing With Rejection

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Rejection can come from anyone, even from your family and close friends.

From Series: Life Lessons Learned from the Bible Mark 8

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It is not uncommon to be rejected when God has asked you to do something for Him. We read in Mark 8:11 how the Pharisees questioned Jesus by asking Him to prove Himself by giving them some sort of sign from heaven. Although it made Jesus sad, He did not allow His grief to stop Him from continuing His mission.

You will encounter many obstacles in life and have your purpose and destiny questioned and rejected by people, but do what Jesus did and continue accomplishing the assignment you were given.

When we follow the story of Jesus and see how by not giving up allowed Jesus to fulfill His purpose, His example will allow you to fulfill your purpose also.

It's not usual to be rejected. For almost 4 years the two witness mentioned in Revelations 11:3-12 were hated and rejected because they were preaching a message the world did not want to hear. But regardless of people's response do what God asks because there is a purpose behind God's methods.


Rejection can come from anyone, even from your family and close friends. This is where it hits the hardest because you usually don't see it coming or you don't expect it to happen. But what you have is not meant for everyone. You will have to accept the fact that not everyone will want what you are offering.

Jesus’s purpose was also rejected when He was in the temple in Nazareth. When Jesus read from the scroll (recorded document) He was letting the listeners know that He is the one the Prophet Isaiah spoke about in Isaiah 61:1-3. Sadly, the people who were listening to Him doubted Him ( Luke 4:16-28 ).

But Jesus knew their thoughts and hearts and said,

“Truly I tell you," He continued, “no prophet is accepted in his hometown. I assure you that there were many widows in Israel in Elijah’s time, when the sky was shut for three and a half years and there was a severe famine throughout the land. Yet Elijah was not sent to any of them, but to a widow in Zarephath in the region of Sidon. And there were many in Israel with leprosy in the time of Elisha the prophet, yet not one of them was cleansed, only Naaman the Syrian—Luke 4:24-27.

After the listeners in the synagogue (church) heard what Jesus said they got upset, so upset that they ran Jesus out of town and attempted to kill Him (Luke 4:28-29).

Although there was a need during the famine, Elijah was only sent to a woman name Zarephath (1King 17:7-16). And during Elisha lifespan many people had a disease, but Elisha was only able to cure a man name Naaman (2Kings 5). This is because they were not always welcomed or accepted.

So, as we see from the Scriptures, it happens to all of us. The rejection you are experiencing may be temporary or permanent, but do not allow rejection to cause you to doubt or impede your purpose. Even through refusal, there will always be others who believe in you and will ultimately benefit from you ( Mark 8:22-25 ).

“The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone,”

1 Peter 2:7

Jesus was rejected by people but chosen by God and became the foundation that the church is now built upon. He is now the standard of how we should be living our life's and the one we rely on. And when you put your trust in Him, you will never be put to shame ( 1Peter 2:6 ).

Jesus was handpicked and precious to God (1Peter 2:4, John 15:16). You too are handpicked and precious to God (Isaiah 43:4, John 15:16). And if you remain humble and trust the process you will also be the person people can turn to as you allow God to be in control of your life, to help many people in their life.

So then, be encouraged. Our Savior has gone through the same situation you are going through and will be going through; but if you continue to read His story, you will see how you can get through your own rejections in life and stay on track to fulfilling your purpose. And then when the time is right you will be exalted by God (1Peter 5:6-7) because you are in favor with Him (Luke 2:52, 1Samuel 2:26, Proverbs 3:4).

Remember the Bible is your guide for life and how you can grow, mature, and get through anything in life!

This blog was inspired and quoted from It's OK To Be Single "Dealing with rejection".

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its ok to be single

A call for salvation

When you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, His spirit will come to live inside you. This is one of the greatest blessings of salvation. You don't have to go through someone else to get to God, and He will live in your heart where you and Him become one and have a relationship.

All you have to do is make the choice of salvation by repenting of your sins and accepting Jesus into your life by confessing that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that He came from Heaven to die for your sins (Romans 10:9).

Here's a prayer you can repeat:

"Jesus, I confess that you are Lord, and I believe you died and was risen for my sins. I repent and ask for forgiveness of my sins, and I accept you as my personal Lord and Savior. Come into my heart and remove my sins. Thank you for forgiving me and making me into a new person in Jesus' name, Amen."

Once you have done this, please pray and ask God to guide you to a ministry where you can grow, mature, and start living the abundant life Jesus promised and died for.

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fashion that speaks

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