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"Life lessons can be full of surprises and can be complex at times nevertheless they are necessary to help us learn. If you look at life lessons from a victim's mentality then you will always see life as something negative and miss the messages being taught." - From BOOK: It's Ok To Be Single

Your Destiny Is In Your Mouth

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Our thinking influences our

life in more ways than you think!



It may be tempting and feel good at times,

but in the end, it is a setup waiting to trap you.

Kindness is Powerful

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It's not what you say,

but what you do that’s the most effective.

Relationship Goals

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If we're pursuing becoming a doctor or lawyer we study, ask questions. Why not do the same with relationships? Why do we jump into one without first knowing what we're jumping into? 

Snippet from Book "It's Ok To Be Single"


Stay Focus

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What someone says doesn't matter,

because when you discover who you are,

what people think or say means nothing.

Kill Your Anxieties


There's no need to live life in anxiety,

especially when there's a solution..

Dealing with internal
Noise and chaos?

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With God at the closest place someone can be - your heart, you literally carry around peace. 



Communion is more than eating. It's about joining with God to know the depth of His love.

Joy is having a mind-set that refuses to accept thoughts, voices, or ideas that want to steal your happiness. – Excerpt My Love Is Unconditional

God is 1st and
Foremost Love

The love that God has for you is not a new love. He has loved you before the foundation of the world.

Love is an Acton Word

How we treat people

speaks louder than what we say 


Inspirational videos created to help you stay on track so you can fulfill your purpose. 


Helping you to embrace life lessons while learning how to benefit from them.

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Using fashion to encourage, inspire, and give hope. Fashion That Speaks is more than fashion

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