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Heather Marie Edmund

Recent Book

It's OK To Be Single

Singleness is not a failure, it's an opportunity

Many people have been misunderstood for wanting to use their time of being single to build a life filled with meaning and purpose—a life aligned with what's most important to them. In It's OK To Be Single, it shares how to use your season of being single to discover your identity, uncover your purpose, find your unique pathway in life, and share how relationships play a part in your purpose driven life. 

"You can improve the quality of your life and learn more about who you are while in the season of singleness because of the time you have to make yourself a priority" — An excerpt

Kemma, FL

The conversation made me think about how much more spiritual I was able to be when I was single. I believe that people don't look at the benefits of singleness, they allow society to dictate how they think...more folks need to hear this viewpoint so they don't feel so pressured to be in a relationship.

Fashion That Speaks

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Fashion That Speaks took its first steps into the world of apparel in 2015

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fashion that speaks

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