Sharing Life Lessons Through Biblical Lenses So You Can Live Your Best Life

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"Life lessons can be full of surprises and can be complex at times nevertheless they are necessary to help us learn. If you look at life lessons from a victim's mentality then you will always see life as something negative and miss the messages being taught." - From BOOK: It's Ok To Be Single

Latest Release

My Love Is Unconditional

This book is a guide on what unconditional love is and how to apply it in your everyday life.  

The greatest power you can have is when you live in love.

Discover it for yourself and experience love without conditions by getting your copy today. 

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Why I Wrote The Book

I struggled with loving myself and believing that someone like me could be loved. But God used my insecurity and turned it into a story. I was taken on different journeys in life where God showed me who I was, that I was capable of being loved, and how to receive love.

I cried, laughed, and was in awe as He disclosed many things that motivated me to not only want to know love much deeper but to live a lifestyle of love.

Many obstacles were in my way to prevent me from knowing more about the Person called love (God), nevertheless the yearning for Him outweighed the hurdles.

I wanted to keep and enjoy God’s unconditional love for myself but I was encouraged to share it through writing. I fought doubt, fear, and the desire to quit many times wondering what people may think writing about a love like this, a love that is different and uncommon from what most are used to. In the end I wrote and kept writing until My Love Is Unconditional was completed.

I am excited to share God’s love with every reader and my hope is that you will not only be transformed but also find that there is no love like the love of Jesus Christ and that you too will pursue love with passion.




Traps in life catch us and keep us locked into physical or psychological prisons that offer no immediate escape. This book is part 1 of the series called TRAP that exposes what those traps are and how to become FREE.

Don’t be fooled, life is full of traps, and they are out to specifically get you! 


Time can be your best friend if you use it well or your worse enemy if you allow it to dictate your choices. Have you known individuals that are in situations where they compromised or settled? Listen closely to the regret in their voice. Their choice to allow time to hasten their decision changed the course of their life where instead of them being happy they are now living with regret.


Storms (problems) in life will come, but what you do when they come will determine if you get through them or not. This book will show you how to use what God is saying as the power needed to get through ANY situation you will face in life.


Solutions For Everyday Living

Sharing life lessons to help you get through life's challenges

People battle, and struggle with many things, but you can overcome it all.



Solutions For Everyday Living

Videos that will motivate you to do anything and/or get through anything

Always value your life because you are built to endure and overcome so you can help others endure and overcome.   

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Being Original & Doing it God's Way

Designs that speaks life to the wearer.

It's more than fashion. It's fashion that speaks. Our brand was created to spread the gospel through fashion with designs ranging from t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies. And homeware, accessories, and drinkware. Get yours today and allow your fashion to speak. 

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Inspirational videos created to help you stay on track so you can fulfill your purpose. 


Helping you to embrace life lessons while learning how to benefit from them.

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Using fashion to encourage, inspire, and give hope. Fashion That Speaks is more than fashion

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