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Updated: Apr 21

Taken from book "It's Ok To Be Single"

Don't Quit but Persist!

Your persistence is the key to your success.

One thing life guarantees and that is obstacles. We are faced with many things that get in our way of trying to accomplish greatness in our life. Whether it be people, circumstances, finance, the economy, or sickness, these barriers can impede our progress. But we must learn how to maneuver around these interferences in life to reach our goals.

Not everything will be handed to you on a ‘silver platter.’ Some of us do not have the lucky chance or the right set of circumstances to be provided opportunities without working for it. And when you are doing it without seeing it being done before, it can be challenging, confusing, and scary. But what this means is you are a pioneer. You are chosen to be the first to develop something, launch a new idea, or change your family cycle of poverty and struggle into prosperity, bringing generational wealth.

When we read about individuals like George Washington Carver, where education was denied from him due to racism and how he was able to still find a way to pursue his vision, it gives us hope. He was able to find a lab to help southern farmers switch to less destructive crops. This helped poor southern farmers change their crops, giving them more options while improving their lifestyle. Many of Carver’s ideas still resonate today throughout the world. And his discoveries have helped advance the farming industry in American in many ways.

George Washington Carver had every reason to quit and give up but his persistence, despite the hateful racist culture he was born into, allowed him to become an agricultural scientist and inventor. He rose above the cultural norm of his time and kept going until he developed a new product derived from peanuts.

“No individual has any right to come into the world and go out of it without leaving something behind.”

- George Washington Carver

Stories like these give us hope in what may seem like hopeless situations and show us we can accomplish anything despite the opposition. Our beginning may not have been the way we wanted it; however, we are in full control of our ending.

There is something about a mindset that says, “no matter what obstacles I run into, I will not quit.” It will help you when you need solutions on how to get through your own challenges. A winning mindset stays laser focus on the end goal and does not allow the problems they are surrounded by to cause them to lose focus.

Carver’s thinking allowed him to break barriers, do something completely different, and persevere when he was outcasted. Perseverance is needed to continue the course you started when you are faced with difficulty to ensure you reach success and for the moments when it seems like success is no longer a reality.

The key to getting to the finish line is to not quit during the process. When you consult God, trust Him, remain strong, and do not give up, you not only see results, but you will be rewarded (Colossians 3:23-24).

I want to encourage all you future entrepreneurs, millionaires, billionaires, inventors, professionals, dream seekers and movers & shakers of this world to NOT QUIT, because we need you. We need the next invention or idea that you have residing within that will help us move into better ways of living.

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