The Great Prison Escape

Updated: Feb 19

Sometimes things do not go according to how you planned it, or things get in the way of what you have planned. Then there are times when you are trying to reach a goal and it's impeded or taken away. Moments like these can be discouraging and frustrating as you wonder if all what you are doing is in vain.

Faith helps you get through those moments. It also helps you get through tough times, weakness, and crises. It is the strength needed and what is necessary to protect your destiny. Your faith will take you to great places, open doors to amazing experiences and get you to the finish line.

"It’s not arrogance, it's faith. It's not confidence in self, but confidence in God."

Reading The miraculous escape of Peter from prison shows us how faith is the key to our success. Peter was sent to prison and was guarded by four squads of four soldiers totaling 16 men ready to be subjected to hostility and ill-treatment by the most powerful person at that time, Herod the king, because of Peter’s belief.

When you have 16 strong mighty football line-backer looking men surrounding you with chains on your hands and feet while having some sleeping next to you that if you move, they will know, it is impossible to escape or be rescued. Prison escape in those days meant death, so escaping was not an option (Acts 12:19). But God set up the scene to show you what He can do for you.

Peter was in an impossible situation, yet God showed Peter that He is a God of impossibilities. While the soldiers were sleeping an angel went into the Prison and woke Peter up without waking up the sleeping soldiers. While waking Peter up the chains fell off his wrist. Then the angel told Peter to put on his clothes and follow him.

Peter and the angel passed the first and second guards and came to the iron gate leading to the city and his escape. It opened for them by itself, and they both went through it. When they had walked about a block, in an instant the angel left Peter. When it dawned on Peter what had happened, he said, “Now I know without a doubt that the Lord has sent his angel and rescued me.

In the morning, there were small conflicts and confusion among the soldiers as to what had happened to Peter. After Herod the king had the place thoroughly search and did not find Peter, he questioned the guards then ordered them to be killed (Acts 12:6-11,18-19).

When you dive deeper into the story you will see how the night before Peter was to go to trial to be abused, he slept. Peter was unbothered. When you wield your weapon of faith in the face of fear, worry, and doubt, it will destroy its influence in your life.You will see yourself for who you truly are, no one to be messed with.Your faith leads to faithfulness because when you have faith, you are assured of who God is and what He can do. And faithfulness is living according to that truth.

Faith is your protection and guard against those feelings that want to creep in when you are in tough situations, frustrated, or discouraged but when you hold onto faith instead of the problem it will make your life unordinary. It may not seem that way because your circumstance is showing you something different than what you are having faith in, but with perseverance you will see the result.

When you have faith in God during times of conflict you will be victorious. During the battle between King Abijah and King Jeroboam, although Jeroboam had twice the amount of fighting men than Abijah had, he was able to beat Jeroboam’s army. Abijah snuck up behind Jeroboam and his men and ambush them. This tactic worked for Abijah because he trusted the Lord and did what the Lord told him. Abijah’s faith allowed him to defeat Jeroboam and his men. If God is for you then who can be against you? (see Romans 8:31).

There are two things you must do when it comes to having effective faith:

  1. Read the Bible. To help keep and increase your faith you must start reading the Bible often. Romans 10:17 says, “so faith comes by hearing and hearing by the world of God." Your faith will become stronger as you study Scripture.

  2. Believe. One of the things you must do to activate faith is to believe. Never allow yourself to be influenced by what you are seeing, but instead stay confident on what God promised you, and refuse to change your stance no matter what is happening in your life. Not seeing something does not mean it is not real or that it will not happen.

Faith is a gift given to you, a principle that will help you stay confident with God, a fruit that needs to be cultivated, and the authority you have available to use when needed.


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