The Greatest Accuser Ever!

Updated: Jul 12

The woman made me do it!

How many times have you made a mistake and instead of admitting to your mistake, you search to find someone to blame?

Or how many times do we find fault with someone and is quick to criticize them for the wrong thing they did?

Where does an accusation personality come from?

Satan himself. It is his character and what he loves doing.

And I heard a great voice in heaven, saying, now is come the salvation, and the power, and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren (believer's of Jesus Christ) is cast down, who accuses them before our God day and night - Revelation 12:10.

Constantly and continually satan goes before God to accuse God's children of something we did wrong. He is constantly bringing to attention our wrongdoings. And when you do this yourself, you are acting just like satan.

When you accuse, you are criticizing and finding fault in someone. As a family of the Kingdom of Heaven we should not be accusing each other but instead mimic what Jesus did and does - become each other's advocate. Being an advocate doesn't mean you approve of the wrongs that a person does, it means you help them to become better.

One way of doing this is by forgiving someone for the wrong that they have done to you. When we forgive someone, it is releasing them from the guilt or penalty of an offense. It is an acquittal. Doing this we are acting like God when He became an atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours but also for the sins of the entire world (see 1 John 2:2).

Jesus taught us a lesson in Matthew 18:21-35 when Peter asked him how many times we should forgive each other when people do us wrong and Jesus spoke about a king who wanted to settle some money owed to him from his worker.

One of the workers owed the king money and it was a lot of money, and he was not able to pay back the king. So the king, who was also his master, ordered that his entire family be sold as slaves to pay back the money. When the worker heard this, he started to plea and begged the king not to sell his family and promised he would pay him back everything. Eventually, the king had mercy and compassion and cancelled his debt.

However, the same man who was pardoned found someone, a friend and colleague, who owed him money, far less than what he owed the king, and instead of calling off his debt he began to attack the friend.

He started choking his friend while demanding his money back. Then the man fell to his knees and started to beg the worker to be patient and give him a chance to pay him back. But the worker refused and guess what he did? He had his friend thrown into prison until the debt was paid off.

The other workers saw what happened and they went to the king and told him all about what happened. Then the king asked for the man (the servant) who had his friend thrown in jail and said, "you wicked servant, I cancelled all your debt because you begged me to, shouldn't you have had mercy on your fellow servant (friend) just as I had on you? In anger the king who was his master handed him over to the jailers to be tortured until he paid back all that he owed.

Then Jesus ends by saying, "this is how my heavenly Father will treat each of you unless you forgive others from your heart (see Matthew 18:21-35). Therefore, when we do not forgive someone else, we are just like the servant.

Now a days we just file for bankruptcy but in those days, it was common for a man and his family and possession be sold to settle a debt.

For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins - Matthew 6:14-15

Stopping you from forgiving someone is one of the biggest traps from the adversary because it puts you right where he wants you, in bondage, and a slave to the unhealed unresolved issue, causing you to stay a victim to your own hurt and anger.

Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour - 1 Peter 5:8.

Our adversary (satan) moves around restlessly looking for someone to destroy and one of the many ways he does this is by accusing, criticizing, and find fault in someone. Many do not understand it is the enemy, satan himself, who is the accuser of God's people.

God has established a throne in Heaven, the place where God reigns, judges, and rules. Where God's verdict is pronounced. This is why God is also known as a judge. Evidence is brought before Him, and a Holy verdict is pronounced. It is a court of justice that God oversees, dealing with lawbreaking, offence, lawlessness, wickedness, sinful cases.

It is here where angels present themselves before God. And where the enemy (satan and his group) takes what you say and do, brings it as evidence to God, to give the enemy permission and legal right to assault you. It is the door opening that the devil looks for to hurt you.

Job 1:6 says, “One day the angel came to present themselves before the Lord, and satan also came with them. The Lord said to satan, “Where have you come from?” satan answered the Lord, “From roaming throughout the earth, going back and forth on it.”

Then in Luke 22:31 Jesus told Peter, “Simon, Simon, catch this, satan has desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat."

Satan is a troublemaker.

He is looking for trouble and to find something on us so he can present it before God, who is the judge, because satan knows God’s foundation and very essence is righteousness and justice (see Psalm 89:14). If you were to go and watch a court of law, you would get an understanding of what is happening in heaven concerning your life.

We should be handling people and situations different than how it is done in the world. If someone messes up, the world judges, criticizes, ostracizes, condemns, bashes, and defames the person. But we are called to a higher standard where we seek to understand and help the individual.

You can help by encouraging, being an example, and praying (interceding). This is the most effective method and a more excellent way to live.

It doesn't pay to disobey

"...But if you refuse to do what is right, then watch out! Sin is crouching at the door, eager to control you. But you must subdue it and be its master." - Genesis 4:6

I also want to mention the importance of taking disobedience seriously. Disobedience opened the door to sin and Adam started to accuse Eve of the sin he committed (see Genesis 3:13).

Adam sinned before he ate the fruit. Your mind is the place of your intellect, reasoning, and intentions. Your actions first start in your mind before it is acted out. If Adam should have stood by God's Word no matter what was said to him, he then would not have disobeyed God. There is a cost to disobedience.

Why it is important to obey God’s instructions, commands, and warnings? It is to protect you from being easily deceived.

Adam walked with God, saw God, felt God, and knew God like no other person on earth did. He had great wisdom because he named all the animals in creation. However, Adam disobey God and ate a fruit from a tree that God said not to.

There is power in disobedience, we can see it opens the door to deception. Once deception gets rooted in your heart, then the enemy has the power to influence you to do whatever he pleases. It causes us to mess up and sin. So, when God speaks listen because doing the opposite will take you down an unpleasant road.

Let’s look at Solomon in 1Kings chapter 11. God warned his people to not marry foreign women. It had nothing to do with them being foreign, it was because they worshipped idols and God didn’t want his people to be influence by their way of life. Unfortunately, Solomon did not listen and because of his disobedience he was deceived and started to worship other Gods.

Twice the Lord appeared to Solomon to warn him to not do the things he did; nevertheless, Solomon disobeyed God. This act affected his generation and an entire nation. When we disobey it doesn’t only hurt us, but it has a dire effect on those around you and your generation.

Fortunately for Solomon God made a promise with his father David, and everything wasn’t stripped from him. Because of God’s promise and being faithful to His word, the whole kingdom wasn’t torn away but split; and Solomon's son was able to get one tribe out of the twelve. Sadly, through his son lost the whole kingdom that was his birthright, he no longer lived in peace because God caused adversaries to come against Solomon.

Do you see the pattern of destruction that follows disobedience? Let’s do our generation a favor and not what our ancestors have done, and remain obedient to God’s instructions, commands, and warnings to protect our legacy.

Let us strive to be different than satan and not behave the same way he does. And instead strive to be just like Christ and act in the manner that He does which is being merciful, forgiving, and helpful.

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