Perfect love

Updated: Jun 2

You ever wonder why a man is taken back or gets overwhelmed with love when he sees his wife on her wedding day? As she walks down the aisle, he is in awe as he watches his love, his treasure, and his best friend making her way to join him.... He understands she was molded, created, and wonderfully made, and he is there to celebrate the finish work and make sure she always knows her worth.... His love for her is comparable to none. It's different and beyond explanation... This is how the Lord loves you and how it is in a relationship with Him - Excerpt From Book "My Love Is Unconditional"

God's love for you is deep and He wants you to know your not just some mere creature created. You are significant to Him and part of His bigger picture. He wants you to know your purpose and life plan and why He does not want you to have fear but instead Perfect Love.

Fear is an impediment. It stops you from being great, and achieving great things. This hinderance is why God wants you to find Perfect Love, so you can live the life intended for you.

Perfect love cast out fear - 1 John 4:18

To no longer fear is to love God and to love God is to be deeply in love with Him where you know Him and ultimately trust Him. 

To fall deeply in love with someone you must be intimate with them and to be intimate with them you must know them. 

It's more than hearing about Him or what someone told you, It is knowing Him for yourself.

When you know who God is, you will not be fearful. You will not fear your future, circumstances, or disappointments.

If you ever experience fear this is an indication that there is more about God you need to know. Yes, you are aware of His existence, but being aware that someone exist or hearing about them does not mean you know them first-hand. 

To know someone well you must spend time with them and get to know their ways, habits, demeanor, behavior, and more.

See how they think and what they're all about. Have conversations with them to know what is in their heart, know what matters to them and what does not. Have their innermost desires and feelings express to you to truly understand their nature. See them in action to know what they can do. See them in situations and circumstance to see how they handle themselves. 

Get to understand what they know as their ways start to rub off on you. Have their characteristics, mannerisms, and behavior be adopted because you spent a lot of time with them. 

When we do this with our partners, we notice flaws. We notice weaknesses and areas of improvement. Sometimes knowing someone can be frustrating as we learn ways to help or tolerate their frailties.

But we tend to be understanding because we know we are humans, and we make mistakes. We know we are all born in a state of discovery and learning things through our environments and experiences. 

With our partner we try to focus on the greater part of who they are and we either try to ignore the failures or again try to help them. 

What is interesting is the trust we have in our partners. For we are in love with them even before we truly know them. But why? How long does it take to truly know someone?

We have heard of marriages and couples who have been together for 10, 15, or more years and they will tell you they are still finding new things about their partner. However, that does not deter them from staying in the relationship because the more they discover about their partner the more they fall deeper in love. 

Why not have this same type of interest in our relationship with God? Especially knowing that He does not have flaws, He's not in a state of learning, and He does not make mistakes. He is perfect, all knowing, and excellent. 

We have read the many wonderous things He has done like the battle He won in the battle of Jericho where God led His people to the promise land after 40 years of wondering in the wilderness.  Or, how they won in the battle in Gideon when they fought against the Midian’s who was cutting of their food supply. 

We have our own stories of battles won in our personal life where God step in and conquered the enemy of addiction, suicide, depression, poverty, struggles, and many more. 

Because of His compassion for us, His love is intense and not superficial. Have you ever experienced someone love you compassionately? A love for you that is pure, clean, and meaningful?  

This is how God's love is.

We read all this about God and have experienced our own victories but still do not desire to know a Person like God in an intimate way.

Job 22:21 says, "acquaint (familiarize) yourself with him and be at peace...

You cannot be in fear and peace at the same time. It is completely impossible. But if you get to know God then you will be a peace because of what you will discover.

But how can you trust someone you do not know?

Our desire for God should be stronger than our desire for anyone or anything else. Besides it is the relationship that we have with God that will enable us to have a healthy, intimate, fulfilling relationship with others. 

God wants us to have that perfect love for Him where you have become so intimate that the devil can no longer frighten, affect, or influence you. You will become a person who is whole in every area of your life. You will see that God is full of wisdom and power but still merciful. 

It is like having a strong man for a husband who could fight, you walk and talk with a different beat, full of confidence because you feel secure knowing He can handle whatever comes. 

God is love, and if you truly live-in love, then you truly live in God. 

Love is the greatest attribute of all living things beyond this planet. Understanding our Creator's love is completely different than what most of us are used to or even experience. His love goes way down into your heart, your soul, and the very core of your being. It is like a constant burst of warmth, and it is the true meaning of intimacy.

Still His love is deeper.

No other human being can give you this kind of love. Only love can, and love is God.

God wants us to take Him at His word because He is not a liar and because He is not a liar there is no reason to doubt. And how do you know He is not a liar or should know He is not a liar because you know Him.

As it takes time to bond and know your partner, therefore we must take time to bond and know your God. To know God is to love God. And to love God is to know him.  And when you know Him, you have perfect love.

We need more than just a theoretical knowledge of God to not be fearful in life.

Perfect love cast out fear. 

The word perfect means complete. 

In James 1:4 it says, “Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

Our quest to have perfect love is to be persistent in our falling in love with our Creator no matter how difficult it is or what delays may come until we are successful. 

Like any relationship, falling in love with someone can be difficult and depending on who you are, whether it is your inability to love because of past experiences or not knowing what love is, it can be much harder.

When you have reach perfect love, you will trust God even when you experience darkness in your life because you know who God is. 

You will know that the mountains shake in His presence (Nahum 1:15). Prison doors not just open but shatter when His brilliance comes near it to rescue you (Acts 16:26). Seas part when your enemies are pursuing you (Exodus 14). Provision is provided when you do not have any way or means of feeding yourself (Exodus 16). You will know He has your back and His love is the greatest protection one can ever have or need. 

Always remember that you are His bride and wherever His bride is He is. As a man, how would you feel if your wife lacks confidence in you or felt you could not be trusted. How would you feel?  And as a woman why would you not appreciate a man who has your back, who is trustworthy, and takes care of you. But we do this to God every day.