More than just a woman

Updated: May 20

Woman you are more important than you think. You are responsible and part of the most important process of life being in existence.

Without women, the seed from a man to create life would be of no use and nonfunctional. It has no purpose unless it connects to what only a woman has, a female reproductive system.

Making women life givers, reproducers, and the most important functional part of a human being's existence.

Did you know the Hebrew word for Eve means life? And did you know for a seed to grow it needs everything to be in working order, and that a seed remains dormant or inactive until conditions are right for development of that seed called germination.

Women carry the very part within them where life is generated called a womb making us responsible for life being in existence.

This is a major undertaken.

This could have been given to anyone, but it was given to a woman.

A woman is the mother and origin of all living things. It is in the mother where the baby is given life and where their well-being is managed, representing the Creator, in His image by creating life.

And who was the first life giver, the Creator Himself, giving life to everything that exists including women a reflection of who He is (Genesis 1:27).

A woman giving birth is a representation of what God can do.

This makes a woman special, unique, and a resemblance of who God is. This is why you must refuse to be taken for granted, mistreated, devalued, and not considered.

So let us see what your Creator, the greatest designer, has to say about who you are:

Women are faithful - Proverbs 31:11

When a man says they are looking for a "ride or die," he always refers to a woman because he knows there is nothing compared to a woman who is loyal to him and truly has his back, and this is where he feels the most secure.

Women are diligent - Proverbs 31:13

We wear a lot of different hats, we are mothers, sisters, friends, chefs, teachers, entrepreneurs, speakers, encouragers, and lovers. And whatever needs to be done, we can do it earnestly and carefully.

Women have intelligence and wisdom - Proverbs 31

We know how to fit into different roles. We can be goofy and silly, we can be serous, we know how to protect our families, especially our kids when we notice anything wrong. Through our many experiences we are able to make good judgment always knowing what to do called instinct. It is in us the ability to cope and adapt to whatever environment or situation we are in.

And let’s not get started with a praying woman, good luck getting in her way, because a praying woman knows how to bring God's will into a situation.

Women are generous - Proverbs 31:20

A woman will give her last meal to her child and go hungry. She will not only give to her own household but will contribute to the household of others. Her tendency to look out for others is what makes her passionate about taking care of people.

Women are crowns - Proverbs 12:4

A woman is the crown of her husband, designed to be adorned, honored, and praised. Have you ever heard a man who knows he has a prize for a wife praise her? She becomes his number one, the most important person to him. He realizes how valuable she is in his life, as everything about her matters to him. And because he trusts her, he becomes comfortable being vulnerable around her, not seeing it as a weakness but knowing it’s the key to a better relationship.

He understands that his purpose of being in her life is to enhance, support, and make her better. She is more than a person who can maintain the home and raise the kids; she is part of a the bigger picture. She is part of his destiny.

Women are needed - Genesis 2:18

God said it is not good for a man to be by himself. God saw a man's loneliness as a disadvantage. So, God looked at a woman, saw a good thing, and placed her in the companionship of a man.

Women be proud of who you are because you are more than a mere existence, you came here on earth with significance and purpose.

God thought it honorable for you to be a life giver and you are every Word that comes from the mouth of God.

Your Designer created you to be honorable, beautiful, and excellent. In Psalm 139:13-16, it shows how your Designer took His time, and created the beautiful person you see before you. He didn’t rush His design, He made sure every intricate detail about you was carefully attended to.

God look at His excellent creation, who He made to represent Him and gave you this authority, control, and ability to create life.

He didn’t give it to an animal or to man, He gave it to you - a woman.

When you look in the mirror, see yourself for who you are, not want society says. Don’t allow this world to put you in a box because a creator cannot be contained. All that you see and will see was designed by God and women are given the same ability.

God didn’t find it intimating when He made a woman, He saw it fit. So, be who you were designed to be, a person of relevance.

You weren't designed to just sit around and do nothing. You were created to be change makers, transform life's, care for, and encourage others to grow and develop.

Women…You are Leaders

In the book of Judges God raised up public officials appointed to decide cases in a court of law and Deborah a woman was one of them. Not only was she a judge but she was also a divinely inspired woman (prophet). who exercised both judicial and political authority over the country.

Then there was Miriam, Miriam was one of the three people that God used to bring His people out of slavery. She was a leader of the Israelite in ancient Egypt. She too was one of the seven major people who was divinely inspired (prophets) to know exactly what to do for the people of Israel. Just as Moses led the men out of Egypt and became their teacher, so too Miriam led the women and gave them instructions and guidance for life.

And most of us know about Esther. She was a woman chosen to save her people. God chose Esther to do the unordinary by allow her to visit the King (her husband) for a request, that could of cost her, her life. She was a woman who demonstrated true loyalty as she helped her people come from despair and death to peace and prosperity.

She was such a woman of brilliance and beauty that her husband the King was willing to give her half the kingdom if she wanted it. And for a woman in those days, that was a major accomplishment.

We can see leaders in our own life’s.

Look at your mothers, your grandmothers, and even yourselves. If I had a chance to hear each of your stories, we would find how our mothers are the fighters in our home, our first examples of what tenacity looks like, preservation, and what sacrifice is.

The stories leave us proud to be the daughters and granddaughters, and great granddaughters of our female generation.

Some of you were hand-picked to revolutionize your family’s legacy. Given the assignment to take the vision of your family to fulfillment. God could have chosen someone else, a man maybe, but He choose you - a woman.

There hasn’t been a time like now, where we are seeing women leaders like never before. And every year the count goes up. The number of women running Fortune 500 companies is at a record high.

We are pioneers with the ability to change the world through technology, art, sports, music, entertainment, beauty, health, and entrepreneurship. We are created to multitask because we can execute more than one task simultaneously.

We can be working, while taking care of the kids, managing the household, and attending to our husband's needs… and still look fabulous. Then get up the next day and do it again!