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Living Your Best Life

Updated: Sep 13

Living life your way is living your life in the way it was designed to be lived.

Living your best life is living a life with purpose, significance, and fulfillment.

Knowing your purpose gives you a life of joy and fulfillment. Living a life of significance is understanding we have one life to live and should make it meaningful. And fulfillment is when you are no longer feeling empty inside.

When you live a life of purpose your life becomes effective. When you are effective you become influential, and influential people affect the lives of others.

Having a purpose and fulfilling it will give you a sense of accomplishment and significance. Without it you may live a life chasing happiness when happiness should be chasing you.

Instead of chasing your dreams and trying hard to obtain it, access what God has already given you. To access God's plan for your life you need to be who he called you to be. In other words, you need to be fulfilling your God-given purpose.

Knowing your purpose in life is important because it will help guide your life decisions and make you effective.

The most important thing you can do in life is to discover your personal life journey and follow it. Your personal life journey is the steps in life you will need to take to reach success, and success is when you have carried out and achieved your life's purpose. An excerpt from Its Ok to Be Single

Living your best life is living life on your terms and living a life that is meaningful to you while enjoying what you do.

Some of us are living lives with an identity given to us by other people because we have heard so much of what we are not to the point where we have not found out who we are.

But each of us has a different purpose that can only be accomplished by us. And when you follow your own course in life you will discover your own identity making your life productive, fruitful, and rewarding.

Living a life of purpose allows you to live your best life. When you know what you were born to do and live out that discovery, you will find your happiness and be at your full potential.

You were created with a purpose and when you find out what that is, you will love what you find. This finding will encourage you to live life your way.

"You can choose to fulfill your own purpose, other people's purpose for your life, or the purpose you were born to fulfill. You can create your own reason for existing, live other people's ideas for your existence, or live the life you were created to live." An excerpt from It's Ok to Be Single

When you discover who you are you will no longer be influenced by people's opinion about you. And your life won't be a hit or miss, you will know exactly what you were created to do.

Pursuing God is what's going help you find your purpose to leave you fulfilled so you can live your best life.

When you want to know the reason or purpose why a product was created you go and ask the creator of the product. When you want to know the reason you were created, you need to ask your Creator.

Having a relationship with God will allow you to know who God is. Knowing who God is will help you know who you are because who you are is embedded in Him and it starts with him. (Jeremiah 29:11, Psalm 139:14-16).

It is OK to be who you are so stay true to your identity because God gave you a purpose, and staying true to that purpose will allow you to live your best life!

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