How To Gain Wisdom For Everyday Affairs

Updated: Mar 30

To get wisdom and maturation starts by reading the Word of God.

Once you read the Word of God you get revelatory knowledge. This knowledge then manifests itself in your ordinary everyday routine though your business, family, relationships, and affairs.

You start to notice you are making better decisions because you are getting spiritual direction and understanding.

As you continue to read the Word of God and obtain more knowledge which manifest itself in your day-to-day routine, you start to become wiser in your daily decisions, whatever they may be. You start to know how to judge wisely and fairly in the areas that are needed. Then as you continue to read the Word of God, you grow even more.

This is why the Scriptures are referred to as food.

Reading the Scriptures gives insight into everyday affairs. It is what is needed for you to maintain your life and grow. It is what will keep you and help you to maintain and give you great insight and understanding.

Because the Word is cyclical, you will always have answers concerning any area in your life: family, finances, relationships and more.

I personally ask God for wisdom to manage my business, and for him to give me direction and understanding in all things in my life. And, for me to even know to ask God for wisdom started with me first reading the Scriptures.

Look at what Solomon was able to accomplish in four years that normally takes other leaders their entire reign to accomplish (1King Chapter 4-6).

Imagine how different our countries situation would be if the person in power asks God for discernment, guidance, and advice in administering justice.

Reading God's Word is an uphill cyclical effect, as you read you are being feed and the more you are feed the more you grow, and the more you grow the better choices you make, giving God the glory in the end.


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