What's better than having money?

Updated: May 20

What is better than having money... Favor!

God's favor is for a purpose. When He favors you, it's not for you to sit upon, but to do something with. You receive blessing so you can be a blessing! - Ward Simpson

Favor from God is the driving force that changes things for us. His favor is a demonstration of His love for us and is assessable to us when we have a relationship with Him.

It is different, unique, and unearned.

Favor gives you promotion when you do not have the connection, degree, accolade, or qualifications for the position without compromise. You do not have to sleep your way up the corporate ladder. It will allow you to get that position without degrading or devaluing your body or yourself.

Favor will give you victory in the court room even when you are deserving of the punishment. Allowing the police officer who stopped you for speeding not to notice you are driving intoxicated and only come away with a ticket for an expired tag. And be exonerated after you hit a car and ran. This is not pure luck, this is favor.

Favor will allow God to press a delete button from your credit report and turn your bad credit into good credit.

It will cause your supervisor to connect you with another department for an interview and during the interview the Interviewer said, “You were hired from the time you walked in, they were only going through protocol.”

Favor is when God causes unexpected opportunities to happen.

Favor is not earned, it is given. God’s favor covers every area of your life. God’s favor is a demonstration of His love and of His mercy.

I was wrong in doing what I did but His favor, justified me. I was promiscuous but God’s favor kept me from sexual transmitted diseases.

When you make Jesus Christ your Lord, the favor of God becomes non-stop over your life. That is why when your friend did what they did, they died, and you did not. And why when they smoke what smoked they became mentally insane while you kept your sanity.

Luck, no. Favor, yes.

When Jesus died for our redemption, He made righteous available to all humankind and it came with favor. The reason that some of us are alive today is because of favor. That gun that did not go off - favor.

God’s favor is His grace, mercy, and love for us.

When God puts favor on your life, even your enemies will treat you right. Acts 27 shows us an account when the soldiers wanted to kill the prisoners to prevent them from escaping. But because God gave Paul favor with the centurion, he told the soldiers not to kill the prisoners because of Paul.

You will never lose what God has given to you. God is not a man; He is not moved by emotions making Him the best of friend to have. Just because you disappointed Him does not stop Him from loving you. He hates the sin, not the sinner.

What wrongdoing or sin does is cause us to fall into traps and why God wants to be our light. He is light and no darkness is in Him (1 john 1:5). When there is light you can see and when it is dark you cannot see. When you are not able to see you put yourself at risk of stumbling and making bad choices. You stumble because you cannot see what is in front of you. If there is a trap, you cannot see it, so you walk right into it unwillingly. This is what sin is. It causes you to fall into traps.

When you have light, you can see every trap in front of you. And you can walk around it or over it and It will not catch you. Gods' role is to be your light so you can always see the traps that are in front you.

How to obtain God’s favor:

God causes favor:

  • Daniel 1:9: God caused the official to have favor with Daniel.

  • Genesis 39:4, 21: God caused the chief jailer to have favor with Joseph which helped propel him to freedom.

  • Act 27: God caused the centurion to have favor with Paul which prevented Paul from being killed as well as the other prisoners.

  • Esther 5:8: Esther found favor with the king and saved her family.

  • Exodus 33:17: God told Moses I will do the thing which you have ask because you have found favor in my sight.

  • Luke 1:30: Mary found favor with God to be the one to bring Jesus here on earth so we can be saved and live in eternality with God.

  • Acts 2:47: God gave favor to the apostles and they became successful in their evangelical endeavor.

  • Exodus 3:21, 12:36: The Israelites was granted favor from their slave master and was given everything they wanted and needed while being led out to freedom.

  • Genesis 6:8: Noah obtained favor from God and his and his families life's were spared.

  • Acts 7:46: David obtained favor and enjoyed God's favor throughout his life.

  • Genesis 26:24: God gave Abraham favor by increasing the number of his descendants.

  • Proverbs 12:2: says a good man finds favor from the Lord, but He condemns those who devise (think up, dream up, conceive) wicked schemes.

  • 1 Samuel 2:26: Samuel grew up with fame and favor from men and God.

  • Luke 2:52: Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.

Favor define:

Approval, support, liking (fondness, kind, warm, endearment, friendliness) for someone or something.

Which is better, favor or money?

Some of us have money but we do not have favor. You can have money and go to the court room and still get injustice. But with favor, God will change the heart of the judge. He will give you the property without down payment and the job without the proper credentials.

Favor will take you where nothing else can take you, opens doors that are closed, and allow you to do more with less.

Proverbs 16:7 says when a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him. Money cannot buy peace.

Favor with God is favor with people. People will say yes to you when they would have said no to anyone else.

It is so much more powerful than money that when people live upright the city, town, and community they live in becomes blessed because of their upright lifestyle. Favor is not just for self, but everybody including your family gets blessed (Proverbs 11:10-11).

We as Christians should not make it harder than it needs to be for the solution is simple, live a righteous life, then favor will do the rest.

Have you ever experienced love without conditions, where your lover yearns for moments when they can laugh, talk, and enjoy your closeness?