A Drop In The Ocean

Updated: May 20

Do not let the process (a drop in the ocean) stop you from reaching your destiny. You will never find fulfillment until you find your purpose.

Do not allow the events in your life's (the drop) to stop us from being purposeful and from reaching your destiny (the ocean).

What you go through is like a drop in the ocean in compared to the rewards in the end if you stay focus, do not quit, and reach the finish line.

The discomfort you may feel and go through doing what God asks of you is like a drop of water in an ocean.

Our adversary has a way of highlighted the drop and keeping you blind from the ocean.

The ocean is the rewards, joy, peace, victory, solutions, the bigger picture, and so much more of what you will receive. It is the awesomeness of God.

And the drop are the pains, hardships, disappointments, etc we endure throughout life. It can be the little pebbles, the ramifications, the discomforts, and backlash of what God may have us do, say, or be.

For example, take a preacher, speaker, or teacher of the gospel. God may ask you to say, do and be something that you know will cause an adverse reaction. Now you are face with choices. Do you make it about you or about God? Do you obey God or disobey?

When you make the choice to do, say, or be what God asks of you, you are now in a situation where you are going to need to prepare yourself for what is coming. But in the end, you become victorious. You become blessed as you grow in God's favor and enjoy the fruits of your obedience.

When you choose the opposite where you are faced with fear of what people will say or how you will look. Fear of losing your reputation and friends. Fear of not being liked, criticized, and talked about. Then you will lose.

You lose God not being able to trust you and we know if there is no trust in a relationship there is no stability.

Do not let the process (a drop in the ocean) stop you from reaching your destiny. You will never find fulfillment until you find your purpose.

Our pain has purpose.

It can help us with our pride. I remember how I did not feel the need to keep praying over and over for something I needed or wanted. "Why don't you just answer my prayer the first time," is what I would ask God. It was only after going through did I understand God was teaching me humility.

"Humility should be viewed and held up in great esteem because the opposite, which is pride, is the root of every evil we experience and see." Excerpt From Book - My Love Is Unconditional read it here

Pride is so dangerous it will cause you to disrespect God.

"But when he was strong, he grew proud, to his destruction. For he was unfaithful to the Lord his God and entered the temple of the Lord to burn incense on the altar of incense" - 2 Chronicles 26:16

It became clear that God did not want that for my life. What He wants is for me is to live a life free from destructive behaviors.

It strengthens us and makes us unstoppable. You get to a point in your life where you can work through the pains of life and become unstoppable. Some of us have allowed 'prison' situations in our lives to stop us from reaching our destiny. They have impeded our purpose and has allowed us to become ineffective. But it does not have to be this way, and if you are in this situation now, you do not have to remain there. (Read more about being Unstoppable here).

We grow in faith. Will you allow the 'drop in the ocean' cause us to discredit God? We should not because circumstances do not change who God is.

What we need is the Peter type of faith where he knew he was going to die a brutal death but slept like a baby. (See The Peter Story here).

Or the Nehemiah type of faith where literally the whole government was against him, but Nehemiah was not fazed or afraid. (See 'Your Problems Can't Be Bigger Than This').

How about the Moses type of faith where the nation was being feed literally from Heaven? Talk about super food. I could only imagine the benefits of that food: no sickness, agelessness perfect skin, superhuman energy, and more.

This is what God wants many of you to know today that part of His love is Him being faithful. There are wrong relationships, and there are right ones, and having a relationship with God is right.

With God, you do not have to doubt or question the validity of His Word. God both honors His Word and values it above His very name (Psalm 138:2). You are important to Him, so He does not play games.

We develop patience. You can get to a place mentally where you do not need things, stuff, other people, or situations to be a certain way, to be content. It is because you understand that God is Someone who can be trusted to do what He said He will do in any area of your life. And if it is not done right away, there is a reason, and that reason is beneficial to you.

It has nothing to do with something you are doing wrong or some sort of punishment. When a person loves you, they do not do things to hurt you, they do the opposite, and find ways to help and support you. God loves you, so He is not purposely keeping you in pain or discomfort when He has the ability to get you out.

There are many reasons why we must wait and those reason may vary depending on the person. For me, God allowed me to go through situation He could have brought me out of with a snap of a finger for me to have patience. He knew, since He is all-knowing, that I needed patience to accomplish my purpose and fulfill my destiny.

He did not want me to be a quitter. He foresaw that I would come up against some difficult unpleasant circumstances that will tempt me to quit. And if I did not have patience then I would succumb to the temptations and ultimately forfeit my destiny. (See 'Let Her Have Her Way,' to read more about patience as a lifestyle).

Do not allow A drop in the ocean to distract you from the promises for your life. The events in our life like death, lack of money, struggling, fear, distractions, disunity, frustration, impatience, not seeing things happen, things getting worse not better, or whatever they may be, can make you stronger or it can defeat you. It depends on you.

Do not discredit God because things do not go your way. Or, because of fear, impatience, not knowing or doubt. God is still who He is, Someone who is faithful, trustworthy and has integrity. We have to stop allowing our lack and our character flaws to discredit His character.

His promises are yes and amen (2 Corinthians 1:20). His promise for your life is for sure. The question is do you know His promises for you? If you do not, it is because you have not spent time with Him to find out what they are. When you spend time with your Creator you will find out your story (Psalm 139:16). You will discover your book of life and how to access it. This discovery will lead you right into your destiny.

The promises you read about in the Bible are for you however, there are more personalize promises God has for you and they are worth finding out.

"The greatest thing that I believe can happen to someone is when they find out who they are, their purpose, and destiny. It makes your life meaningful." Excerpt It's Ok To Be Single - coming soon

These promises are keys to your destiny, they are revelations you need in knowing what to do and what your life's purpose it. Things will make sense and they will help you stay focus when the 'drop in the ocean' tries to distract you from the promise and your destiny. Then, you will have reached a place where your circumstances 'the drop' will no longer affect you because you are focused on your promised future.