Why I Wrote The Book

I struggled with loving myself and believing that someone like me could be loved. But God used my insecurity and turned it into a story.


I was taken on different journeys in life where God showed me who I was, that I was capable of being loved, and how to receive love. I cried, laughed, and was in awe as He revealed many things that motivated me to not only want to know love much deeper but to live a lifestyle of love.

Many obstacles were in my way to prevent me from knowing more about the Person called love (God), nevertheless the yearning outweighed the hurdles.

I wanted to keep and enjoy this newfound love for myself, but I was encouraged to share it through writing.


I fought doubt, fear, and the desire to quit many times wondering what people may think writing about a love like this, a love that is different and uncommon from what most are used to. In the end, I wrote and kept writing until My Love Is Unconditional was completed.

This book will show you how you can change from emotional trauma to living a happier life; and rise out of pain, rejection, abuse, not loving yourself, into self-love and accepting love. 

My hope is that you too will be encouraged and pursue unconditional love.