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"God's love is too strong to leave us the way we are." 

One of the most important things in life is to have good character because it can shape the outcome of your life. All that's required is to be opened to God's unconditional love which is powerful enough to help change your ways. 


This book offers life lessons demonstrating the types of qualities you must have if you want your life to be impactful, influential, and successful.  


We are created to live a life of influence but circumstances in our lives can hinder us. But by being open to God’s unconditional love—is the key to unlocking the limitations in your life.


Reading this book will guide, motivate and encourage you to change as it dives deep into the danger of having bad qualities and the life-changing occurrences of having good ones.


It will show you how God's love can help change you into a person you love and who people will want to be around. 


God’s unconditional love is the motivation behind His passion in seeing you do well in life, healed, and why He shows us how to be victorious in every area of our life. 


You will learn better ways to approach life, have the power to overcome issues, influence others, and establish healthy relationships. 

God’s unconditional love can change you and others for the better because everything God does is done out of love.

"Love is being able to look beyond people's faults and instead see their need."

Let God's love consume you so that you can be His greatest expression while on earth.


Get lost in love with God, so you can finally be complete.

“If you've read and enjoyed my book, please feel free to leave a review at your preferred store."

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My Love Is Unconditional


Since Being Single is the perfect time to learn about who you are

Check out It's OK to Be Single to see how although being single can be seen as a bad thing, and may even cause you to be stigmatized, it can be a gift if you understand its possibilities and what you can accomplish. 

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“If you've read and enjoyed my book, please feel free to leave a review at your preferred store ."

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